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Partnered with JAMES CLAR, Media Artist

LERA+ offers a suite of services to help artists and designers make the leap from ideation to creation. Our technical expertise ranges from structural analysis and computational design to software development and digital fabrication.

Featured Projects.

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LERA Plus created a custom plugin for Rhino that automated this process, saving the artist time to devote to the larger, more complicated elements of the installation.


The sculpture is composed of several LED lights and metal rods. With LERA Plus's custom plugin for Rhino, the artist was able to define each connection, assign which sections would hold LED lights and which would plainly be steel rods, and run the plugin to automate the design of the connections. 


Protruding out into Doha Bay, this sculpture consists of seven 78-ft-high by 8-ft-wide steel plates positioned side-by-side. LERA Plus determined the geometric layout of the sculpture, reviewed the stability of the plates under wind and seismic loads and designed their supports and foundation system.


The supports needed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the plates due to the large temperature gradients in the Middle East, as well as the highly corrosive nature of the adjacent marine environment.


Alyson Shotz's monumental work spans four stories of the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion, on NYU Langone Health's main campus. Comprised of welded aluminum and dichroic acrylic, The Moon's Eyelid is Shotz's first major commission in New York City.


LERA Plus provided value engineering services to optimize the sculpture’s structure and placement after preliminary designs revealed excessive deflections.


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