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Manifold Surface Sculpture






Brooklyn, NY

Pratt Institute

Haresh Lalvani

Structural Engineering


LERA+ is collaborating with Haresh Lalvani at the Pratt Institute on the design of this Manifold Surface Sculpture, the first example of a one-sided hyper minimal surface. Created in Rhinoceros, the piece was discretized in Grasshopper and imported into CSI SAP2000 via Cuttlefish in order to perform structural design.


The 500-lb piece, made from over 5,000 laminated and water-jet-cut ALUCOBOND® strips, is currently under fabrication, and will be installed on the Pratt campus by the end of 2017. The 13-ft by 13-ft by 13-ft (4-m by 3-m by 4-m), 1/4-in (6-mm) structure will be held down by spikes in the foundations, and LOCTITE® structural adhesive will be used to assemble the 52 interlocking jigsaw-like layers together.

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