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Autumn '19 Event - Nov. 6th @ WSP

The New York Digital Design Community is a forum that focuses on showcasing technology-drivsign by leading New York individuals, practices and universities.

It is dedicated to disseminating the application of cutting-edge design methodologies and fabrication techniques related to digital technologies, computation, and digital prototyping in a collegial setting.

In a series of quarterly events, design leaders from multiple industries showcase their most current and stimulating work at a variety of scales and stages of design. These gatherings bring together individuals from across the field who are in the forefront of developments in digital design, establishing a platform for those who are actively shaping a new profile for their industries and raising the bar for methods of practice in the future.


Autumn '19 Event @ WSP

November 6th, 2019

Time & Location

November 6th, 6:30 PM – 09:00 PM

WSP - 1 Pennsylvania Plaza 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10119

Introduction and Moderation:

Andrew R. Haas / Founder and Co-Organizer of New York Digital Design Community; Computational Designer, KPF; Co-Director, AA Visiting School New York;

Alfonso Oliva / Co-Organizer of Digital Design Community; Director of LERA+, LERA Consulting Structural Engineers 


Full list to be announced shortly...


6:30-7:00pm: Opening Reception, Networking

7:00-8:00pm: Presentations

8:00-8:20pm: Q&A, Discussion

8:20-9:00pm: Closing Reception, Networking


Visit for more information and upcoming events.


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