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Meridian - Danielle Roney






Charlotte, NC

2021 - 2023

Danielle Roney

Under Fabrication


Charlotte International Airport Terminal Lobby

This self-illuminating, algorithmically-driven set of twin sculptures anchors the east and west ends of the Charlotte International Airport Terminal lobby. Each sculpture’s form embodies the orbital-spatial relationships of their situational context, from the airport flight patterns to the arching pathways of the interior and exterior architecture. The spiraling motion of the sculptures evokes the cycle of departure and arrival, further accentuated by the dynamic movement of the integrated lighting: programmable LED light generates movement through each sculpture while reflective, optical surfaces bring natural light and exterior reflections into the interior.


The sculpture’s innovative design features first-of-its-kind LED embedded, perforated stainless steel pipe, with multi-axis movements and an algorithmically designed fluctuating spherical particulate pattern. Bi-colored stainless steel sphere surfaces feature an internal canopy that extends the golden yellow skylights found within the architectural interior. Geo-Data coordinates, based upon community members’ geographical histories, are spatially mapped within MERIDIAN’s LED integrated lighting scheme, articulating movements across both sculptures. All of the innovative concepts and solutions support a dynamic, time-based experience that offers reflection on the personal and collective ways we navigate the world.


LERA+ optimized the design and support locations for the sculpture, and provided structural engineering services.

Photo © Danielle Roney Studio, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Gresham Smith

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