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Image by César Couto

Paraside Parados






Brooklyn, NY


Teresita Fernandez

Camber Studio

Under Fabrication


Located on an outdoor terrace atop the Rudin Family Gallery at BAM Strong, Paradise Parados is an interactive installation designed to reflect the changing light of the day and seasons, passersby, street activity and the urban surroundings. The title is a play on the words "paradise" (which originally meant "walled or enclosed garden") and "parados" (a term used in Ancient Greek theater meaning "side entrance" or "entrance from the wings of the stage").


The large-scale sculpture will transform the terrace into a three-sided enclosed garden, perched on the side of the Harvey Theater, creating an immersive experience wherein viewers walk underneath and around the work, seeing their own optically-shifting reflections in the form of myriad metallic weave patterns.


LERA+ provided structural engineering services for the sculptural form.

Brooklyn Academy of Music

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