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Las Vegas 2018 - Alfonso Oliva: How to leverage the power of computation to preserve design visions


Recognize ways to enhance workflows through the application of algorithmic design, structural optimization, BIM, and virtual reality using Revit, Dynamo, Rhino and Grasshopper. This class will demonstrate methods to optimize and explore designs to preserve design visions, using Dynamo and Grasshopper. I will talk about how you can optimize your workflow and increase efficiency by creating custom tools for these software. I will also show how Virtual reality can be used for design collaboration with any existing Revit model, to save time and reduce uncertainty.

Through small, medium and large scale case studies, we will see how a project of any size could benefit from the use of these methods, and help you identify where your workflow could be further streamlined.


Alfonso Oliva, Director or LERA+

Key Learnings

Recognize areas in your workflow that can benefit from automation

• Leverage computation to optimize design

• Discover how new technologies can be combined to enhance

and improve best practices

• Shorten the time frame from architectural vision to structural reality


Since this event has passed - You can watch the recap of the presentation below


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